Cardio Record Software

Dear Captain,
Please visit the following link and download the CardioRecord software version 4.5 which is running without any Activation Key.

1) Uninstall the old version (START\CONTROL PANEL\ADD REMOVE PROGRAMES  ….. Cardio_Record)
2) Download and Unzip the file in a folder. Within this folder you will find the following:
a) “” file
b) “Cardio record 4.5 Setup.msi ” file.

3) Double click “Cardio record 4.5 Setup.msi” and follow the instructions.
In case during the installation the software requires the dotnetfx library, you may download it directly from Microsoft or from and run the “dotnetfx35.exe” file.

Additional information regarding the use of the unit, you may find in the link below:

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need any clarification (24h phone number: +302107252120).

Thank you for your cooperation.